Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Repair a getrag Transmission DIY How To Fix Transaxle Linkage Video

DIY Fix a 5 speed Fiero Transmission Linkage Get Rag How To Quick & Easy Fix, Do It Yourself, Fix Tranni, Fixing Problems on this manual Trasaxle I believe its a 282 5 Speed Manual Getrag tranny and It only had 2 gears for some off reason I decided it was time to get the Ferrari out and get it detailed and sold. When I went to take it for a spin, I only had 1st & 4rd gears which is hard to drive up and down this driveway. So I figured since it has been sitting for a little while that it could not be the linkage. 
So I take a look and man talk about an easy fix... I wish everything was this easy to fix. Keep an eye out for the full video review of this beautiful car coming up soon. Make sure and check out all my channels for new videos daily.

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